[Pmwiki-users] Partial pagenames in URLs

Ilya Zverev zverik
Mon Sep 13 04:46:43 CDT 2004

PRM> 4. Display a page indicating that the page (group?) they specified
PRM>    does not exist, and provide links to either create the new page
PRM>    or search the site
PRM> 6. ...?

I suggest an 'error page' with links to creating the group page and
searching for the pages in group. But how it can be done... Probably,
it's like the extended default page which is edited by clicking 'edit'
link. The page name is 'Group.Group', of course. Something like this:

The title page for this group has not been written yet.
Click [[ThisPage:?action=edit here]] to create one.

The group contains following pages:


Is it possible to make 'silent' search on 'GroupName/' and include

Or, maybe, it'd be better not to write anything about 'the group does
not exist' - because the default group page can be enough for most
cases. Just a list of pages... Can't think of a message, though :)


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