[Pmwiki-users] Show referencing pages

Ilya Zverev zverik
Mon Sep 13 09:26:26 CDT 2004

GW> How do I show a list of all pages that reference my current page? I though
GW> of adding something to the footer.

GW> "This page is referenced on:" ...

from scripts/refcount.php in the default installation:

    This file adds the capability to perform reference counts on
    pages in the PmWiki database.  Simply use "?action=refcount" to
    bring up the reference count form.  The output is a table
    where each row of the table contains a page name or link reference,
    the number of (non-RecentChanges) pages that contain links to the
    page, the number of RecentChanges pages with links to the page, and
    the total number of references in all pages.

    This script can be activated by placing 
    in the config.php file.

Is this what you're searching for?


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