[Pmwiki-users] Show referencing pages

Doyce doyce.testerman
Mon Sep 13 09:48:11 CDT 2004

Here's how I did something similar:

Edit your .tmpl file for the wiki and change this line:

<div class='pagetitle'><a href='$PageUrl'>$Titlespaced</a></div></td>

To this line:

<div class='pagetitle'><a

OR to this line:

<div class='pagetitle'><a

Result: The name-of-the-page at the top of each wikipage will, when
clicked on, work like a Backlinks, displaying a list of all the pages
that link to that page.  The only difference between Replacement Line
Version 1 and Replace Line Version 2 is that the second version will
only show referencing pages from within the same Group as the page in
question, which might be preferable in some cases.


To the best of my knowledge, there's not a way (currently, maybe in
2.0?), to include a list of referencing pages *within* the page
itself, like so:


[Text of Page]

"For related information, see these pages:"
[Include list of referencing pages]

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