[Pmwiki-users] Show referencing pages

Steffen Glückselig steffen
Tue Sep 14 10:26:49 CDT 2004


> To the best of my knowledge, there's not a way (currently, maybe in
> 2.0?), to include a list of referencing pages *within* the page
> itself

If this would be created 'on the fly', i.e. each time for every page, this  
would quite slow down the process of generating a page since for having  
uptodate backlinks, one would have to parse all the other pages each time  
a page is generated.

Have a look at the whatlinkshere-script. This generates a page with all  
the pages that reference a given page.

Note, that the generation of this page takes quite some time (even on  
small wikis according to my experience).

I thought about changing the whatlinkshere-script so that the backlinks  
could be included on every page. I came to the conclusion that I would not  
like to have that since I think it would drastically slow down the  
surfing-experience, though.

Generating the backlinks-database (e.g. a file where all the references  
between pages are stored) periodically in the background and accessing  
these results during page-creation would be faster but less uptodate.

Since I prefer uptodate results, I went with the whatlinkshere-script,  
generating the backlinks-page on request and not automatically.


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