[Pmwiki-users] Experience from using PmWiki at work -- PmWiki experience

chr@home.se chr
Tue Sep 14 12:23:05 CDT 2004

This is a "heads up" that I'm going to post several different messages
that relate to my experience in using PmWiki at work for a few months.

I would like to start by saying

	Great work Patrick!

and that I appreciate PmWiki greatly, since this is not reflected in my
posts because they are mainly about things that work less well, and ideas
for how to improve the situation. The posts are also intended to encourage 
a general discussion of these topics.

Background: The wiki is used primarily by me, and I'm trying to get my
co-workers to use it more and more. To that end, I'm trying to make it
easy for them to use it as well.

The wiki engine runs on a server whose name is not made public, but it can
still be reached if you know its name (i.e. "security through obscurity")

Here are some issuses that have bothered me that I will be posting about 

* Security --  '''really''' important for me
* Better capabilities for typesetting simple math
* Making it easy to insert simple drawings (sketches)
* Working with files is in general annoying and error prone
* Publishing a separate part of the wiki

Taken all together this would have been way to long, so that's why I split
it up according to the topics listed above. Please respond in the
corresponding thread. And please start new sub-threads if needed (i.e.  
change the subject to reflect that the focus of the thread has changed).


Christian Ridderstr?m, +46-8-768 39 44               http://www.md.kth.se/~chr

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