[Pmwiki-users] Need a little help with X-Gallery

Bruce Fihe bruce
Thu Sep 16 23:26:57 CDT 2004

Kevin, et al,

Sorry, I meant to say in my first message that both services are *nix 
systems running apache. The home service is Apache 1.x.

2755 does not work, the target directory must be 2777 or the upload 
fails. The point is, I don't want to go in and do any chmod. I'm hoping 
to find a fix that will let my users add a page (gallery) and upload 
images without the need for my intervention.

Thanks for the reply.


Kevin Koym wrote:

> Bruce,
> When I was using a similar provider / situation- I changed my chmod to 
> chmod 2755...  I can not remember how exactly they had apache set 
> up... but this mask worked for me (I assume that they had apache 
> executing the files as me, and that allowed pmwiki to do what it 
> needed). 
> Hope that helps.
> Kevin
> Bruce Fihe wrote:
>> Most important, thanks to Patrick for creating such a great tool and 
>> allowing us all to use it.
>> I am in the process of bring up two wikis, one for work, one for home 
>> and family. The work wiki is read password protected because we are 
>> using it for communications between software developers, testers and 
>> clients all offset by about 8 time zones. The family site is wide 
>> open with only an upload password.
>> <>  <>I love the cookbook concept and have been on a recipe-a-day 
>> program to add features to both sites. Started out with Arndis' 
>> skins, and keep adding features. <> 
>> Both sites share some similarities, primarily they are hosted by a 
>> commercial provider and I only have FTP access to them. However, 
>> there are clearly differences between the setup at these hosts. The 
>> first thing I noticed is that the history did not function properly 
>> on my home site. Turned out that this provider runs PHP in safe move. 
>> Thanks to Nils Knappmeier's PHPDiffEngine, I was able to get around 
>> that. <> 
>> So here's the problem I have not been able to solve. On my home site 
>> I have added X-Gallery of the family can upload pictures. Thanks, 
>> Steven Leite! After everything was installed as directed, I got a 
>> PmWiki error message, stating that the uploaded file could not be 
>> moved into the target directory. It took a while, but I eventually 
>> figured out that the created directory did not have the proper 
>> permissions. It did not have GID set. I tried to go in with SmartFTP 
>> and set the permissions to 2777, but got an operation not permitted 
>> response. <> 
>> Well, I'm not easily discouraged. I found that using SmartFTP, I 
>> could delete the directory create a new directory of the same name, 
>> then set 2777. Now the uploads work, but every time the page was 
>> refreshed, the thumbnails were regenerated. Yep, wrong directory 
>> permissions again, same solution. <> 
>> So I have a workaround, but I would really like my users to be able 
>> to create their own pages, then upload to them without my 
>> intervention. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <> 
>> Bruce
>>Bruce Fihe
>>441 Ranchitos del Sol
>>Aptos, CA 95003
>>bruce at aftonranch.net

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