[Pmwiki-users] Need a little help with X-Gallery

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Sat Sep 18 10:26:59 CDT 2004

PmWiki 2's algorithms for creating directories and setting file permissions
are a *lot* smarter (I think) than PmWiki 1's.  I should probably see 
about backporting the new routines into the 1.x code...   

It would really help if people who have installed the 2.0 development
code could let me know if they've run into any difficulties with the
directory permissions.  The standard I'm shooting for:

    1. PmWiki should be able to create and access the files it needs
    2. The account owner should continue to have read/write access to the
       files PmWiki creates
    3. If PmWiki is unable to achieve both #1 and #2, it should provide 
       a message telling the administrator what to do to fix the problem

In achieving the above PmWiki 2 still likes to see setgid (2777)
permissions on directories, but only says anything about it if 
PmWiki runs into a problem somewhere and still works even if 
the administrator can only set 777 permissions.


On Thu, Sep 16, 2004 at 11:53:02PM -0500, Kevin Koym wrote:
>    Bruce,
>    When I was using a similar provider / situation- I changed my chmod to
>    chmod  2755...   I  can  not  remember how exactly they had apache set
>    up...  but  this  mask  worked  for  me (I assume that they had apache
>    executing  the  files  as  me,  and  that allowed pmwiki to do what it
>    needed).
>    Hope that helps.
>    Kevin
>    Bruce Fihe wrote:
>    Most  important,  thanks to Patrick for creating such a great tool and
>    allowing us all to use it.
>    I  am in the process of bring up two wikis, one for work, one for home
>    and  family.  The  work wiki is read password protected because we are
>    using  it  for communications between software developers, testers and
>    clients all offset by about 8 time zones. The family site is wide open
>    with only an upload password.
>    <>   <>I  love  the  cookbook  concept and have been on a recipe-a-day
>    program to add features to both sites. Started out with Arndis' skins,
>    and keep adding features. <>
>    Both  sites  share  some  similarities, primarily they are hosted by a
>    commercial provider and I only have FTP access to them. However, there
>    are  clearly  differences  between the setup at these hosts. The first
>    thing  I  noticed  is that the history did not function properly on my
>    home site. Turned out that this provider runs PHP in safe move. Thanks
>    to Nils Knappmeier's PHPDiffEngine, I was able to get around that. <>
>    So here's the problem I have not been able to solve. On my home site I
>    have added X-Gallery of the family can upload pictures. Thanks, Steven
>    Leite!  After  everything  was  installed  as directed, I got a PmWiki
>    error  message, stating that the uploaded file could not be moved into
>    the  target  directory.  It took a while, but I eventually figured out
>    that the created directory did not have the proper permissions. It did
>    not  have  GID  set.  I  tried  to  go  in  with  SmartFTP and set the
>    permissions to 2777, but got an operation not permitted response. <>
>    Well, I'm not easily discouraged. I found that using SmartFTP, I could
>    delete the directory create a new directory of the same name, then set
>    2777. Now the uploads work, but every time the page was refreshed, the
>    thumbnails  were  regenerated. Yep, wrong directory permissions again,
>    same solution. <>
>    So I have a workaround, but I would really like my users to be able to
>    create  their  own pages, then upload to them without my intervention.
>    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. <>
>    Bruce
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