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Larry Baltz larry+pmwiki
Tue Sep 21 14:05:48 CDT 2004

Hi Patrick,

Yep, section edits are really helpful on long pages.  We've been using 
them on MediaWiki for quite a while on the job.  It gets especially 
useful when you have multiple editors.  Selecting sections instead of 
entire pages helps to reduce the chance of simultaneous edits.

The multiple editors issue makes it important that the editing sections 
are consistent between editors.

Having sections be from header to header works well, but this is partly 
due to a "technical" editing style with lots of headings and 
subheadings.  In some cases it might be natural to have HRs mark 
sub-edit boundaries as well.

To be honest though, for the sites for which I'm using pmwiki, I don't 
expect a big need for the feature, but they are mostly small community 
building sites (< 200 people with infrequent edits).  In other contexts 
the feature would be very helpful.



--On 9/21/04 11:56 AM -0600 Patrick R. Michaud writes:

> I'm finally getting around to looking at the possibility of providing
> "section edits" -- where an author can request to edit just one
> section of a page rather than having to edit (and scroll through) the
> entire markup text of a page.  This should be really useful for very
> long pages that have lots of sections in them.
> My question then becomes -- what should denote a "section"?
> My initial thought is that any heading (down to some level)
> automatically defines a section of editable text, but I'm curious to
> know if people have other ideas.
> After gathering feedback, I'll see about implementing this in PmWiki
> 2.
> Pm

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