[Pmwiki-users] section edits

Fred Chittenden drfredc
Tue Sep 21 14:07:14 CDT 2004

This sounds like some sort of "blogging" variant, which would be very nice. 

As a general comment, I'm not sure if the heading delimiter would be
powerful enough for possible future expansion and/or uses as one might want
to add some other commands to sections. There might be instances where you
want to have a header without starting a section.  Perhaps something like
the following ("!*") might be more a powerful sectional delimiter and while
still being somewhat wiki intiative.  

!* Section 1<optional commands>

This is a Section 1 of a wiki page 

!* End of Section 1 (or start of Section 2) <more optional commands>
This is the last section of this wiki page.  
Normally, editing or posting would start here at the end of the last

The 'stuff' on section delimiter lines would get interpreted, but not

To make a blog, it would seem one might offer a section "blog command" to
start up some sort of blog/posting window for blog posts, with blog posts
being attached to that wiki page section (front or back) with a date stamp. 

Or something like that.  

> [Original Message]
> From: Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.com>
> To: <pmwiki-users at pmichaud.com>
> Date: 9/21/2004 10:56:34 AM
> Subject: [Pmwiki-users] section edits
> I'm finally getting around to looking at the possibility of providing
> "section edits" -- where an author can request to edit just one section
> of a page rather than having to edit (and scroll through) the entire
> markup text of a page.  This should be really useful for very long
> pages that have lots of sections in them.
> My question then becomes -- what should denote a "section"?
> My initial thought is that any heading (down to some level) automatically
> defines a section of editable text, but I'm curious to know if people have
> other ideas.
> After gathering feedback, I'll see about implementing this in PmWiki 2.
> Pm
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