SV: [Pmwiki-users] Comments style (was: section edits)

Hugo Fjelsted Alrøe Hugo.Alroe
Thu Sep 23 03:58:37 CDT 2004

I would really like a feature that enables comments and I think they should be on separate pages (though this may be configurable?). 

We use pmwiki for cooperation on small and temporary projects and there we have a need to distinguish between co-authoring and commenting. Co-authoring is what pmwiki is good at, but at present it is not so good at handling comments. So far, we have manually created SomePageComments or SomePageDiscussion pages, but an automatic way to add comments would be great. The possibility for open comments on edit-restricted pages is good, but even without edit restriction, the barrier for adding comments is less than the barrier for editing someone else's text, I think. 

Comments could take either a blog style, having all comments on one page in date order, or a sort of 'email-discussion-thread-archive' style, one comment on each page and allowing comments to grow into linear and bifurcating threads. The wiki-trail style would be somewhere in between, I guess (having only one thread and not allowing for bifurcations). The 'email-discussion-thread-archive' style would probably need an overview page where a hierarchy of comments would be shown, thus being slightly more cumbersome to navigate, but also allowing for more structure in the comments. Blog style would be simpler because all is on one page, but also more restricted in terms of allowing for comments-on-comments and showing such discussions. 

But maybe my thinking is old-fashioned here, since the wiki system really allows for a much more complex structure of commenting in terms of adding links to new pages within the (first) comments page, if this is an ordinary open wikipage?


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On Tue, Sep 21, 2004 at 01:06:58PM -0700, Fred Chittenden wrote:
> This sounds like some sort of "blogging" variant, which would be very nice. 

It could be used that way, but I'm planning to add a comment/talkback
feature directly into the wiki.  The biggest difference is that one might
want different levels of authorization for "edit page" and "comment".

> As a general comment, I'm not sure if the heading delimiter would be
> powerful enough for possible future expansion and/or uses as one might want
> to add some other commands to sections. 

Well, I think it needs to be somewhat "automatic" in that authors shouldn't
*have* to write additional markup in order to enable section edits.
And of course it'd be configurable so that an administrator could choose
what sequences delimit a section--I guess I'm asking for what a good
default would be.

> To make a blog, it would seem one might offer a section "blog command" to
> start up some sort of blog/posting window for blog posts, with blog posts
> being attached to that wiki page section (front or back) with a date stamp. 

Yup, this is what I'm heading towards.  I'm trying to decide if comments/
blog replies from the masses should be appended to existing pages, or if
they should create trails of separate pages.


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