[Pmwiki-users] Installation of PmWiki in safe mode documentation

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Fri Sep 24 07:45:10 CDT 2004

On Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 01:17:01PM +0200, Stefan Haslinger wrote:
> O.K., the first version is here: 
> http://www.stefan-haslinger.at/index.php/StefansWiki/InstallationSafeMode
> It's really horrible (regarding language and content), I know, but it 
> works ...
> I'm thinking of a single script (some soft of installer) to change the 
> userid for a whole directory structure,
> but I'm not sure, if this is possible at all...

Just a note--I don't think it should be necessary to change the
file ownerships for the entire directory structure, even in safe_mode.  
I've seen lots of PHP safe_mode installations where changing the ownership
of all of PmWiki's files was not necessary -- getting correct
ownerships of wiki.d/ (and uploads/) was sufficient.

But if I'm wrong about this, I'd like to get more details on it, and
(if possible) run some experiments with a web host where this appears 
to be required.  More information will make it easier for me to create
a simpler install (PmWikiPhilosophy #5).

I'm also very interested to know how PmWiki 2 works in different
safe_mode installation environments, if anyone can report on those for


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