[Pmwiki-users] section edits

Knut Alboldt mailing
Fri Sep 24 09:01:27 CDT 2004

At 16:27 24.09.2004, Scott wrote:

>Feature idea: when editing a large page with several sections it might
>favor the authors to have an easy mechanism for a section to be saved as
>its own page.  For instance, use the heading as the page name and only
>provide a "save as page" button if the page name doesn't already exist.
>I'm not suggesting this as the default, but something to keep in mind
>for future cookbook recipes :)

why not using something like that:

--- contents of Group.BigPage: ----

Some Headerinfo
[:include:Group.BigpageSection1 EDIT:]
[:include:Group.BigpageSection2 EDIT:]
[:include:Group.BigpageSection3 EDIT:]

---- end ----

and then displaying a "edit"-Button before or after each included page ? So 
you would have an easy way to determin a section and an own page per 
section. You won't have to reassemble sections into the page and concurrent 
edits of different sections wouldn't be a problem. An edit would be good in 
an extra window and the return should refresh the BigPage.


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