[Pmwiki-users] Migration plans (was: v2 advanced tables direction)

chr@home.se chr
Tue Sep 28 02:14:07 CDT 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:

> Out of curiosity, what are existing users' plans regarding v2 and
> upgrading to v2?  What features need to exist before people feel they
> can upgrade, and what apprehensions are there about it?

I administer PmWiki v1 in two "production" systems:
1. Work wiki which *must* be operational, but has a small user base.
   - This wiki is almost "vanilla" PmWiki
2. Public (http://wiki.lyx.org), which is less critical but with a large 
   user base (although not very many write operations).
   - This wiki has quite a few cookbook extensions installed.

Since both of them are production systems, I also feel that I shouldn't 
upgrade until v2 is considered "stable".

A special circumstance here is that for the work wiki I do almost all
editing using Emacs and pmwiki-mode. This method is *way* more efficient
me since I do a lot of page editing. For that reason, I *must* be able to
use Emacs/pmwiki-mode with v2 before I migrate. OTOH, since I wrote
pmwiki-mode I guess that part is up to me.

So far I have not really felt a big need for migrating either site, i.e.  
they work reasonably well. In some other posts I've mentioned stuff that
works less well (e.g. file handling), but generally they do the job.

To be honest, I've hardly looked at v2 versus v1. Is there somewhere a
list comparing the functionality of the two versions? Ideally, the list
should also indicate the status/stability of the functionality. At least
for me it's becoming interesting to look at such a list.

Things that make it attractive to migrate:
* Simultaneous editing (motivates migrating for both sites)
* Drafting capability (mostly useful for wiki.lyx.org) 
  (IIRC, this exists for v1, but I've been holding off on implementing it)
* Better file management (dosen't exist, but would motivate upgrading)

Actual criteria for me to upgrade both sites:
* Stable version is relased, and probably used for a little while
* Simultaneous editing works in a robust way
* I've adapted Emacs/pmwiki-mode for v2

So my personal migration plan should probably look something like this:

# Migrate my "personal" pages as pmwiki.org to the v2 site (gives me
  familiarity with the new syntax etc)
## These pages I can live with editing them using a browser
# Start working on pmwiki-mode2 for Emacs
# Implement some test site using PmWiki v2 (PmWiki II ?)

Possible user objections regarding migration:
* For my work wiki, changing the syntax won't be a problem, I'm the 
  primary user.
* For my wiki.lyx.org, someone is bound to ask me *why* the syntax has
  been changed... some ready made motivations would be nice :-)

Apprehensions and worries:
* For my work wiki, I'm primarily worried that it'll stop working or that
  I might loose information. 
** The lack of being able to use Emacs/pmwiki-mode is a showstopper here
   for efficiency reasons.
* For wiki.lyx.org, I'm worried about having to manually check a rather
  large number of pages manually, to see that they are still correct.


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