[Pmwiki-users] v2 upgrade final stretch [was: v2 advanced tables direction]

Larry Baltz larry+pmwiki
Wed Sep 29 01:44:55 CDT 2004


--On 9/28/04 10:30 PM -0600 Patrick R. Michaud writes:
> On Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 11:04:48PM +0200, Larry Baltz wrote:
>>    I've created a workaround/alternative cookbook entry to handle
>>    this for v2.  Is using template functions better or worse than
>>    special case variables?
> I'm not sure I understand the question here.  :-)
-- End message from Patrick R. Michaud --

Yeah, I was being a bit obtuse.  In the work-around cookbook entry I 

  <!--function:TmplSpaceWikiWord [wikiword]-->

to place spaced WikiWords into the template, where "[wikiword]" would 
usually be a variable like $Group or $PageTitle.  The advantage is that 
it may be more flexible (i.e. you can place any variable in the 
template that may have a WikiWord format), and the disadvantages are 
that it is more verbose (could make the function name shorter :-), and 
maintaining the "TmplSpaceWikiWord" function may cause some maintenance 
issues if maintained separately from the WikiWord format definition and 
parsing functions.

I hope this is clearer.  Sorry for the confusion.


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