[Pmwiki-users] Link styles

Dawn Green green
Tue Sep 28 23:20:29 CDT 2004

> Well, you can (and should) use stylesheets.  Basically there's the basic
> <a ...> tag:
>    a { color:blue; }       /* change all links to blue */

That's a given.
> Of this, PmWiki also divides the links into different CSS-classes: 
>    wikilink (link to an existing page)
>    createlink (link to a non-existing page)
>    urllink (link to a URL)
> So, if you want to make all links to wikipages in green text, use
>    .wikilink { color:green; }

I have yet to play with the others as I have not needed to differentiate
between those examples.
> And, of course, CSS lets you select items within page sections (assuming
> you name your page sections using id='something').  The default PmWiki
> template calls the left sidebar 'wikileft', so if you wanted to affect
> just the links in the left sidebar, use:

> And, if this isn't enough, you can always set the configuration variables 
> that PmWiki (1.0) uses to create links in the page:

Okay, that is all good and gives me some ideas for the future that I've yet to
use.  Now, I need is the ability to make a single link on a page appear in a
larger font.  I have tried !! [+  ... +] and others to no avail.  It may just
not be doable??


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