[Pmwiki-users] $Ching!!

Dawn Green green
Wed Sep 29 09:34:04 CDT 2004

Another $20 to further Patrick's development for PmWiki.  

The National Forensic League dedicates itself to furthering speech and debate
in the all fifty U.S. states, territories and even countries beyond.  PmWiki
allowed us to develop a site that allows for easy searching of their huge
database of articles, purchasing online, and calendar, while integrating live
voting, bulletin board, and even a chatroom slated for development.


The eleven women running the office each has her own section of the site that
allowed the site to be up and running in 3 weeks with enough information to
roll things out.  True collaborative authoring made easy by PmWiki!


Thunder Data Systems
1008 Santa Fe
Corpus Christi, TX 78404

(361) 883-6464

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