[Pmwiki-users] Idea for overview of protected pages

chr@home.se chr
Wed Sep 29 12:16:00 CDT 2004


Background: I recently had some problems with a forgotten password for a
wiki page.

Would it be convenient if some action could create a list of pages in a 
group together with their access rights? I was thinking the result could 
be something like this:

	Page		Read	Edit	Admin
	AnotherPage		x	x
	FinalPage	x	x	x

where the 'x' would indicate that the corresponding page has that kind of 
password protection.

Or is there some other way that you could easily list the pages in a group 
that are protected, and how they are protected?

>From the point of view of keeping data private, this kind of overview 
could be very useful. There are some open questions of course...

* Should you have to give an 'admin' password to do this?
* Should anyone be able to see which pages are protected? And how?


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