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Pierre ROUZEAU pierre
Wed Sep 29 13:54:03 CDT 2004

>>   3/  My  language (french) using accentuated letters, it will be easier
>>   to  have  the good orthograph displayed, even if the page is done with
>>   non  accentuated  letter, say [[Tete | t?te]] is not yet feasible with
>>   release 1 .
>It's not?  In release 1 you should be able to do {{t?te}} and have it work.
>If not, enter a PITS issue for me.   
>In release 2 you should be able to do [[t?te]] as the link, or if
>you don't want the accented character in the page name then [[Tete | t?te]] 
>works.   pm
Yes, the accented character was my problem, and i was not aware of the 
construction [[{{Tete}} T?te]].

I've added an explanation why the accented/umlaut characters are a 
problem  in :


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