[pmwiki-users] Easier configuration (was: Pm's whereabouts, 2.2 status)

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Nov 12 17:48:38 CST 2007

On Tuesday 13 November 2007, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> However, as I mentioned above, at present I *am* a bit more
> open to the idea than I have been in the past, so if there are
> any cool ideas about how to overcome the security issues without
> too much work, now would be an excellent time to bring them forward.

Hello Patrick.

Here is some code I plan to use:

$SiteAttributesVars = array(
	'$SiteGroup.SiteAttributes' => array('WikiTitle',
'EnableNotify', 'NotifyDelay', 'NotifySubjectFmt',
'EnableWSPre', 'EnableUpload',
'EnableGUIButtons', 'EnableIMSCaching', 'Skin',
'DefaultName', 'DefaultGroup', 'DefaultPage',
'EnableGroupSkins', 'PageLogoUrl', 'EditTemplatesFmt',
'TimeFmt', 'EnableDrafts', '', '', '', '', '', ''),

	'$Group.GroupAttributes' => array('WikiTitle',
'EnableWSPre', 'EnableGUIButtons', 'Skin',
'EditTemplatesFmt', 'TimeFmt', 'EnableDrafts', '', ''),

foreach($SiteAttributesVars as $pn=>$arr)
	# are GroupAttributes disabled?
	if(! intval($EnableGroupAttributes) 
		&& strpos($pn, '$Group')!==false ) continue;
	$AttributesPage = FmtPageName($pn, $pagename);
	if(PageExists($AttributesPage) )
		$p = ReadPage($AttributesPage);
		foreach($arr as $var)
		{	if($var=='') continue;
			$value = ExtractValue($p['text'], $var);
			if($value=='') continue;
			$$var = $value ;

function ExtractValue($text, $var)
	if(preg_match("/^:?$var\\s*[:=](.*)$/m", $text, $m) )
		return trim($m[1]);

Administrators can define which variables can be safely changed in 
Site.SiteAttributes and Group.GroupAttributes pages. There, these variables 
are written like PageTextVariables:

WikiTitle: My cool wiki
Skin: grease
EnableWSPre: 4

The reason I use an ExtractValue function and not the built-in PageTextVar() 
is that these variables should be readable even when the page is @locked.


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