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Randy randy at brownragfilms.com
Mon Nov 12 13:22:10 CST 2007

I started using PmWiki this summer. I did my first PmWiki  
installation (upgrading to the latest beta on a shared web host) last  
week. I used CyberDuck FTP on OSX.

If I can help you (Pm) with the video tutorial in any way, let me  
know: I live in Austin, Texas, know a little about video production,  
and am probably more of a PmWiki beginner than most of the other  
users on this list (for example, I don't know PHP or Unix) which may  
be an asset in this case.


P.S. Thank you Petko, Hans, Ben, and Tegan who responded so quickly  
to my first posting on this list a couple of weeks ago. Among other  
things, It convinced me to upgrade. If there had been a video  
tutorial, I might have upgraded sooner.

On Nov 12, 2007, at 10:59 AM, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
I'm looking at the possibility of creating a few video
tutorials that demonstrate various aspects of PmWiki
operation, including page authoring and setting up/configuring
PmWiki.  But in order to understand authoring better, I need
to know what package(s) most people are using to install
PmWiki onto their webserver and/or webhosting environment.

For example, I tend to use the Unix command line to install
PmWiki on my systems.  However, I suspect that I'm in the
minority on this one, and that most people who are first-time
PmWiki admins will be using some form of FTP or other file
transfer package to upload PmWiki files to a server.

So, my question is:  what methods and tools are people typically
using to install PmWiki to a webserver?  I'll try to use the same
or similar tools when creating the videos.



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