[pmwiki-users] Installing PmWiki...

Maria McKinley parody at u.washington.edu
Tue Nov 13 01:38:33 CST 2007

I use linux and command lines, but I suspect most of us who do
wouldn't bother with a video anyway. ;-)

Along the lines of documentation, I think it would be great if there
were a page that kind of broke down the structure of pmwiki, kind of
an overview for Site Admins. It could include an overview of the
directories under pmwiki, what sort of things goes in each one, which
ones it is ok to edit directly. A break down of the kinds of admin
tasks that one does in these files, and so must have access to the
server. There exists this type of overview for the stuff that is
configurable from the web, but I haven't found one for the server
stuff. Also, a breakdown of paths would be nice. It seems you can
change paths so many ways (.htaccess, config.php, farm.php), it would
be nice to know how these interact. Which place sets the root
directory, and how may the root directory vary depending on which file
you are looking at? Even within the config.php, these can be
confusing: why are some of the things called Url not including http://
stuff, and when is this necessary? Both of these are in my config.php,
why is one a full url and other not? does it matter?

$PubDirUrl = "http://www.shadlen.org/pmwiki/pub";
$PageLogoUrl = "/maria/photos/me.gif";

This last one may be beyond the scope, but something I'd like to
understand. When a user goes to an url, what happens? Apache checks
the local/config.php first (?) to see what other pages are loaded, and
then starts loading them in order through the config.php, following
trails when necessary (this file says load this other file, which in
turn loads this other file, and then return to the next line of the

Ok, this was a bit longer than I intended. Hope it makes sense. I
would volunteer to do this, but I'm still trying to figure it all out.


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