[pmwiki-users] Installing PmWiki...

Ben Stallings ben at interdependentweb.com
Mon Nov 12 15:31:37 CST 2007

Pm wrote,
> Excellent.  I haven't tried either of these yet, but they're
> familiar enough that I think either should work fine.  I'll
> probably go with WinSCP simply because it's a more secure
> transfer protocol.

(later adding that he'll probably use FileZilla instead because it's 

The more secure SCP protocol is great -- if it's available to you, but 
not all hosts support it.

When installing PmWiki on clients' hosts, my preferences are
1) a command line and svn if the host supports svn
2) WinSCP if the host supports SCP
3) the FireFTP plug-in for FireFox

However, when teaching newbies how to upload large files or large 
numbers of files (for example, images for use with ThumbList, or MP3s 
and videos for streaming) to their sites, I usually fall back on WinXP's 
built-in FTP client, "My Network Places", because (once it's set up) it 
has *zero* learning curve, and there's a lot to be said for that!  Last 
I checked, the MacOS equivalent didn't support uploads, only 
downloads... perhaps that's fixed with a new version.  --Ben S.

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