[pmwiki-users] Fox / ShoutBox - integrate the feature in xmlrpc

Stéphane Heckel hsteph at club-internet.fr
Wed Dec 17 10:13:48 CST 2008

"Hans" wrote :

> Please correct me if I got your intentions wrong!

I use Fox for the ShoutBox feature (via a standard online IE, FF use, ...)

I also have a Desktop Application (windows) where I have integrated the 
possibility to read or write pmwiki pages..
Idea was to reuse some Fox features via XMLRPC, ...(ie, the XMLRPC calling 
some pre-defined Fox functions) to allow users using this  Desktop 
application to send some message to pmwiki,, ... those messages to be 
integrated in an existing ShoutBox wiki page, ...

(ie simulating what you're doing with (:foxtemplate 
"'''[[{$PageAuthId}|{$AuthId}]]''': {$$shout} - [-''{(ftime
fmt="%d/%m %H:%M")}''-] [[<<]]":))

So, the missing code is :
- "Insert the new message" (coming from the client destop application) in an 
existing pmwiki page (server), ...

That's why I thought Fox was a good start to do that, ...


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