[pmwiki-users] page data truncation - pmwiki-2.0.6

Scott H. Berens scotthberens at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 18:22:13 CDT 2008


I have migrated my pmwiki from a home-run linux server onto a
professional web host (about 1 year ago).  Some of the areas of my
wiki I do not frequently use, however, checking through 2 sections of
the wiki I find that the data is truncated, or rather, not displayed.
These 2 sections are quite large and display over 60Kb of text.  On
one of the pages there are some graphics attached along with the text.

When I Edit Page I can clearly see all of the text and formatting,
however, after I click on Save I see the Group / Page header and then
none of my text displays.

I am able to identify the exact character at which the page will no
longer display.  ie, if I add a period to the end of my line, that is
too much information and nothing will display.  If I remove one
character (the period at the end, or the first character on line 1)
then the [abridged] content will display.  So I presume this is some
sort of resource issue but I cannot determine what.

When I select the Printable View, all of the text is displayed
correctly, however, none of the graphics show up.

When I view the Page Source (Firefox) none of the text is in the source.

PHP Version 5.2.6
max_execution_time	30
max_input_nesting_level	64
max_input_time	60
memory_limit	90M
output_buffering	4096
post_max_size	8M

any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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