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Maria McKinley parody at u.washington.edu
Tue May 13 01:30:17 CDT 2008

Thanks Dave, I increased the margin, but I don't have an
images/bg_top.gif. In the images folder are:

guiedit  sub_icon.gif  warning.gif

and in guiedit:

add.png               page_excel.png  tag_green.png
text_heading_2.png       text_list_bullets.png   text_superscript.png
application_edit.png  photo_link.png  tag_red.png
text_heading_3.png       text_list_numbers.png   time_add.png
edit.gif              photos.png      text_align_center.png
text_horizontalrule.png  text_signature.png      tip.gif
exclamation.png       separator.png   text_align_right.png
text_indent.png          text_small.png          world_link.png
guiedit.js            star.png        text_big.png
text_indent_remove.png   text_strikethrough.png
house_link.png        table_add.png   text_bold.png
text_italic.png          text_subscript.png

This is the latest version of marinee.

There are other strange side affects of having the gif there. The gif
was sitting too low, so I tried moving up the header, but in Firefox,
this also moved up the View, Edit, etc links. In Safari, the links are
still in the same place, but the gif is on the left, and some of the
header is down below. I'm thinking this isn't worth it, and I should
tell her she should either pick a smaller gif or a different skin. If
you want to see the site:


thanks again for your help,

On Mon, May 12, 2008 at 7:14 PM, DaveG <pmwiki at solidgone.com> wrote:
> Here's what you'll need to do to move the black bar and the content down to
> accomodate a larger image in the title section:
> 1] Increase the top-margin on the body element (highlighted below):
>   style.css (line 25)
>   body {
>     font-family:Arial,Verdana,Helvetica;
>     font-size:76%;
>     margin: *68px* 0pt 20px;
>     padding:0pt;
>     text-align:center;
>     }
> 2] Edit the image images/bg_top.gif to accomodate the increase made above.
> Thus, if you added 20px to the top margin, increase the height of the black
> bar in the image. If you're not sure how to do that, let me how much you
> need the image changed by, I can do that for you.
> Hope that helps.
>  ~ ~ Dave
> DaveG wrote:
>> Unfortunately, making the black bar bigger is not as simple as it sounds.
>> As a starting point you'd need to change the images/bg_top.gif,
>> images/container_right.gif, and images/container_left.gif background images.
>> If you want to simply get a larger image in the header thoug, you might be
>> able to do that without having the black background changing. In which case
>> you'd want to simply push the 'content' of the page down. I don't recall how
>> that was done, but I'll take a look this evening.
>>  ~ ~ David
>> Maria McKinley wrote:
>>> Hey there,
>>> Wondering if anyone is using the marinee skin, and could answer my
>>> question. My daughter is making a website, and we put a gif up for the
>>> logo by editing Site.SiteHeader using rfloat. The gif seems to be a
>>> bit too large or something, so I wanted to make the black area at the
>>> top larger. I poked around the style.css, but couldn't figure out how
>>> to do it. Does anyone know?
>>> thanks,
>>> maria
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