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Dr Fred C drfredc at verizon.net
Sun May 25 17:29:39 CDT 2008

Daniel Roesler wrote:
> Hey all,
> So far, there isn't a way to include links (i.e.
> [[http://www.example.com|Article1]] ) in footnotes. Footnotes,
> FootnotesExtended, and MarkupExtensions don't allow the inclusion of
> linking markup in their footnote text. I don't think it would be that
> hard to add such a feature.
 You might be making it more complicated than is necessary.

  If all you are trying to do is add links to footers or headers, (not 
footnotes like a bibliography), aka the first or last section of a wiki 
page, you just create the GroupFooter (or GroupHeader) page for that 
group by creating a GroupFooter page with whatever you want (including 
links) for that group and you're done.   For more info, edit a page in 
the group you want a GroupFooter (or GroupHeader) to be in and click on 
"show help" then "documentation index" for an explanation.

  If you want to include MyPage with links, inside of another page of 
your choice, which would display links, pictures, text or anything else 
you might wish, create the wiki page you want to include, such as 
MyPage, then where ever you want to display it in another wiki page put 
(:include <MyPage>:) where you want it to display.

  If you've got a long list of footnotes you want to refer to, create a 
group FootNotes.Footnotes and then a page for each foot note.  eg. 
FootNote.FN1  FootNote.FN2, etc.   Then put (:include FootNote/FN1 :) 
where you want FN 1 to display. 

BTW, there's some minor caveats for accessing MyPage from other groups 
(including sidebars from different groups).  Basically, you need to be 
specific about what group your MyPage is located in.   If MyPage is in 
the MyStuff group, to be sure your wiki doesn't get confused, you need 
to refer to it (:include MyStuff/MyPage :) 

Always, Dr Fred C
drfredc at drfredc.com

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