[pmwiki-users] sort recent changes into columns

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue May 27 07:13:46 CDT 2008

On Tuesday 27 May 2008 11:40:45 david roundell wrote:
> am running pmwiki on our intranet at work. a request has come in to sort
> the recent changes pages into columns splitting up the page
> name/date/author/summary into more readable contect.
> have been unable to see any cookbooks regarding this. is there an easy way
> to tabulate data like this?

It is relatively easy to control the RecentChanges format. You could set in 

$RecentChangesFmt = array(
  '$SiteGroup.AllRecentChanges' => 
    '||[[{$Group}.{$Name}]]  ||$CurrentTime ||$AuthorLink '
  '$Group.RecentChanges' =>
    '||[[{$Group}/{$Name}]]  ||$CurrentTime ||$AuthorLink '

Note that there are two blank spaces after the page links. 

This code will place all newly edited pages on top of the RecentChanges pages, 
in a PmWiki simple table. You could also add on top of the RecentChanges 
pages a table heading like this:

||border=1 width=100%
||!Page ||!Time ||!Author ||!Summary 

A kind of side effect when changing the $RecentChangesFmt is that when you 
change a page, its existant, old-format line in RC will not be replaced with 
the new format, the new-format-line will be added on top. (New-format lines 
will update as expected.)


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