[pmwiki-users] How do I create RSS feeds for changes to individual pages?

Thomas Tempelmann tt at tempel.org
Tue May 27 08:32:57 CDT 2008

Whenever I create a new page on my pmwiki, I like to offer a RSS link to
that readers can quickly learn of updates to the particular page.

I've searched the docs, but didn't find a solution. I read about wikitrails
but don't understand how I'd create them automatically from changes to a

I was able to create a RSS feed from the RecentPages, which is magically
created as a trail page, it appears, but I can't figure it out for my own
individual pages.

Furthermore, I wonder if there's some even easier way to auto-generate those
trails pages whenever I create a new page, or even better, thru a custom tag
in my pages that says something like "this page shall provide a RSS link",
so that I don't have to set those rss pages up manually for each page.


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