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I am without a doubt that the usage of this recipe would go beyond just a few users.  Just as Luigi put it, I'm sure that someone else will go into the recipe and make further enhancements.
If it isn't too much trouble, you could write up a small script (explanation) in addition to the recipe.  I would be happy to edit it for a more "newbie" approach once I get more the hang of it.


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> It's a very ugly recipe.
> I can see about moving it to the cookbook,
> but it may not work in a lot of situations, and I can't really
> support it.

I don't know.
Mine was an honest and naive request, driven only by an improvement in
usability (in some cases) that I could foresee.
Especially, it was nice to have people warned about others editing the
same page at the same time.

Though, I cannot judge the technical side of the thing.
All I could spot for now was that if I was working on two machines at
the same time, only one of the two was detected. But this could be

As I have seen people improving "old" recipes in the past, it might be
that exposing this one, even if far from perfect, might trigger the
interest of others, and it could be a starting point to enhancements,

You decide, of course.


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