[pmwiki-users] Problems in page names

Irazema Daza Abularach irazemadaza at redpizarra.org
Sun Sep 28 20:56:30 CDT 2008

Dear Friends of the list 


I am part of the team of the Asociación Civil Pizarra and we have created on
the platform of PmWiki the portal www.redpizarra.org  


Since a week ago we experiencing a serious error: 


The system is not able to resolve the page names that have "ñ" or "accent",
as if the pages do not find them even if they are physically on the server. 


What is happening with pages that have these characters is that they are
replaced by "a space". 


For example, if a page is called "Matemáticas" the system does not recognize
the " á " (accent) and replaces it with "space" changing the word by "Matem
ticas" and the WikiName take them as if they were two words and unites the
words them by putting the Capitalize on the second word and the name of the
page is equal to "MatemTicas." 


That is why we have severed all links that refer to the pages with accents
or with ñ. 


We hope that we can give some suggestions on how to solve this problem. 


Thank you very much at all 




Irazema Daza 

Technical Direction 

Project Slate

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