[pmwiki-users] Problems in page names

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Mon Sep 29 05:41:00 CDT 2008

On Monday 29 September 2008 03:56:30 Irazema Daza Abularach wrote:
> The system is not able to resolve the page names that have "ñ" or "accent",
> as if the pages do not find them even if they are physically on the server.
> What is happening with pages that have these characters is that they are
> replaced by "a space".
> For example, if a page is called "Matemáticas" the system does not
> recognize the " á " (accent) and replaces it with "space" changing the word
> by "Matem ticas" and the WikiName take them as if they were two words and
> unites the words them by putting the Capitalize on the second word and the
> name of the page is equal to "MatemTicas."
> That is why we have severed all links that refer to the pages with accents
> or with ñ.

Hi. Even your automatic pagelist/search links don't work.

This may happen if you add a new recipe, or if you modify the order of 
inclusion of recipes in config.php.

Now, the usual order of inclusion in config.php for the recipes to work is :

1. First declare the PageStore object (or include() a recipe that declares it; 
this may be alternative PageStore class like SQLite, CompressedPageStore, 

2. Second, call your translations with XLPage(),

3. Then include() all other recipes.

Try to change the order of things in your config.php; if it still doesn't 
work, then it may be caused by a recipe.

You can find the "faulty" recipe. The fact is that PmWiki with no recipes work 
just fine with such links. If you disable your recipes one by one, you will 
come to a point where your "Matemáticas" links work. 

If you really need to use it, place it at the end of config.php and try again. 
If it still breaks the links, write to the author.

Hope that helps,

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