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DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Mon Jul 13 13:07:04 CDT 2009

On Mon, 13 Jul 2009 16:37:21 +0100, Ed W  wrote:  
 Seriously - read the original question again. We are nearly, nearly there
already. Lets just finish what is already started. I'm not asking to go in
a different direction - this is already the direction the docs are going in

 Consider that:
 - PmWiki has changed the default to not space wiki links.
 - Therefore it becomes significant if we write "Wiki Style" or
"WikiStyle" since they will appear differently now (previously with auto
spacing they would appear the same).
 - Nearly everywhere the trend has been to add a space, eg "Wiki style" or
"Wiki Style".
 - However, I sense that there is some strong feeling that there are still
a few "proper nouns" which should be left unspaced, eg "PmWiki" appears to
be one which is declared should be left unspaced? Are there any others, eg
I can see a case for "WikiStyle" or "WikiTrail" being used as a "proper
noun" and being left unspaced deliberately? If so then I propose that we
reverse the documentation wording for those links and use the non
spaced version consistently?

Unless I'm misunderstanding what I see Ed requesting is some help in
identifying areas of the documentation where the more complex forms of
linking are used so we can simplify them. This will allow local changes to
the link patterns, without causing issues with links in the core PmWiki
documentation (except in extreme cases). 

If that is correct, why would we not want to do this? I can see it might
be some work, but it sounds like Ed W is prepared for this, and just wants
input on what he should be looking for. (Again, this is how I read the
thread, and might be wrong.) 

(OT: I tend to agree with Ed W here -- the over-riding sense I get from
this thread is one of a very closed and insulated community, and something
that seems to be occurring with more frequency over the last year or so.) 

 ~ ~ David
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