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Thanks for the feedback, I just wanted to highlight it's slightly more 
subtle than you think:

> one is the consistency raised in the original example given
> viz
> * [[Pagelist Variables]]
> * [[PageList Templates]]
> Is it a PageList or a Pagelist?
> Personally I think its a pagelist, because it is a thing in its 
> own right, and it seems clumsy to write "page list template", although 
> one could argue for m"page-list template".
> (Aside: To me this is argument for case insensitive page names).

Actually the more subtle point is that we have a feature to adjust how 
links are generated.  So for example at present

[[Pagelist Variables]] -> PagelistVariables
[[PageList Variables]] -> PageListVariables
[[Page list Variables]] -> PageListVariables

Clearly on a case insensitive basis (which is fairly easy to add) these 
pages are the same

However!  If we adjust our link generation to be something like adding 
"-"s then we get: Pagelist-Variables, PageList-Variables and 
Page-List-Variables respectively.

(There is also a minor difference in appearence if we use the option to 
space wiki links)

So one of the other reasons for persuing consistency is that it also 
helps keep the links working in the face of changes to the link 
generation algorithm.  However, note that we did disappear off at a 
tangent about the merits of being able to do this, so please lets not 
over focus too much on this use case - being consistent is worth having 
for no other reason than clarity to the reader!

Thanks for your thoughts

Ed W
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