[pmwiki-users] Insert php code into PmWiki.

Saurian Saurian milpitasmonster at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 07:16:01 CDT 2009

Hi all.
I have a little problem to insert the following code into my website, so I
hope that someone could help me.

// START of "Frontpage Slideshow" settings
    $nameOfSlideshowToDisplay = "myslideshow";                     // Enter
the name of your slideshow. Slideshows are in folders inside
    $URLofyoursite = "http://www.animalattack.info";
// Enter your site's URL.
    $AbsoluteServerPathofyoursite = "/homez.56/animalat/www/";        //
Enter the root path of your site on the server.

    // do not edit below this line
// END of "Frontpage Slideshow" settings

I tried the cookbook's file titled PHP Execute (that I don't really
understand how it works), but there is an error after I submit the page with
the code between (:php:)(:phpend:).
So the only solution that I found for the moment is to use one of the
following scripts : IncludeSite or IncludeURL (as you can see here
http://www.animalattack.info/PmWiki/Nachthymnen). It works with both but
it's difficult to custom iframe (background color, etc), so I prefer to try
another solution.
Is anyone could help me to do that ?

Thanks in advance for all !
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