[pmwiki-users] Search function not working anymore

Daniel dkml at xs4all.nl
Mon Jun 8 13:32:14 CDT 2009

Hello, my site http://www.kropveld.net is running on pmWiki.
Today I noticed my search-function is not working anymore.
It lists the number of results, but not the links to the pages.
I am sure it worked not too long ago.

Awkward is that I run a copy of my site on a local server, and there
search is running as I would like to see it. I compared both sites but
cannot see any difference.

Could anybody give me a hint where to look for the error?
Could it be that my provider has switched some essential function off?

Second question: How do I custumize the search results page? Or what is
the name of the page I have to edit? I just cannot find this in the docs.


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