[pmwiki-users] wide images question

Peter Kay petya_98 at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 22 11:53:39 CDT 2009

jdd wrote:
> Peter Kay a écrit :
>> Ok, this may be a stupid question, but I can't seem to find a way
>> around it...
>> I have a rather wide image that I want to put in a pmwiki page.  If I
>> put it in the usual way, it's too wide for my screen, and all my text
>> scrolls so that it's hard to read (have to keep moving left and right
>> through the paragraph).  Is there any way to convince the text not to
>> go all the way as wide as the picture is?
> I don't really understand the problem. usually, the page should be as
> large as the picture, and the text also.

That's not so cool if the picture in question is, say, 2000px wide.

> do you want the text to be smaller than the image?


> Why not reduce the image?
 > You can have the image display reduced, but clickable to see
 > the full frame (or simply use right clic show image to see it)

The image is a map, and if I reduce it, I might lose some details.  The 
clickable map (or just a link [[Attach:map.jpeg]] seems to work) looks 
the easiest way to deal with it.



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