[pmwiki-users] Need pmform help, no PHP (mail) running, how to use SMTP?

Mike Smick michaelbuddy at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 16:40:29 CDT 2009

I was told in a support response that I don't have php (mail) running so
pmform isn't sending.  They Wrote:

"The problem is that we don't run a local sendmail instance on our
webservers, so the usual mail() function won't work.
You have to use SMTP to send email, using a library such as SwiftMailer (

I looked at swiftmailer, and it's not clear to me exactly what I need to do,
but I'm not pro at server administration so go figure.

Can anyone suggest what I can do to make it work as efficiently as possible?
I've already added the following lines to config.php, just to see it would
help, (from the pmwiki notify page)

ini_set('sendmail_from','noreply at myservername.com');

my form page:

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