[pmwiki-users] pagelist extension - experimental

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Mar 17 09:18:59 CDT 2009

On Tuesday 17 March 2009 13:23:55 Steve Glover wrote:
> Hi again,
> >> That's true for the examples quoted below. But suppose you wanted to do
> >>
> >> (:pagelist (name=Foo)+(name=Bar) order=name fmt=#simple:)
> >
> > I omitted "order=name fmt=#simple" for better readability. Here you go :
> >  (:pagelist name=Bar.Foo order=name fmt=#simple:)
> Er, that's not quite what I meant: you have "Bar" as a group, not as a
> name, there.

Right, I didn't notice that you had 2 times name=. You talked about 
intersection, however, you cannot have a page that is named "Foo" and "Bar" 
at the same time, so your intersection will not work. For a union, we do have 
this now :

 (:pagelist name=Foo,Bar order=name fmt=#simple:)

If there is a need to improve the documentation, we should do it. I feel most 
people will be able to achieve what they need to with the current set of 
features (+eventually the link= and the trail= improvements that are now in 
the PmWiki/RoadMap).

> (Or suppose I have a variable on some pages, can I use something like
> {$:Provider}=Baz?


At any rate, a
must be "demonstrated" for a new feature or for a change to be added (see 
PmWiki Philosophy #3) :

* A pmwiki audience or group needs to do something "specific" that the current 
version doesn't allow. ("Specific need" as opposed to "it may be nice to have 
such a feature".)
* If this group is large, we may add the feature to the core.
* If not, we make it possible for a recipe to hook in and to do it.

The current version allows many unsuspected things and workarounds. In the 
past, I wanted to have a pagelist with pages linking to two or more 
categories at the same time. Because currently the link= parameter doesn't 
allow this, I did it differently.

I placed  in the pages keywords instead of categories, like 
 Categories: _contacts _france _family

and in the pagelist I did fulltext search for these keywords :

 (:pagelist _contacts _france _family:)  only family in France
 (:pagelist _contacts -_france _family:) only family NOT in France

Note that I can even have category links like :
 Categories: [[!_Contacts]] [[!_Family]] [[!_France]]

which link to Category/Contacts, Category/Family and Category/France, but the 
fulltext search will find the _keywords.

The PmWiki Cookbook listings contain this :
  (:pagelist [other parameters] -__no_list__:)

This way we can exclude some pages from the cookbook listings if we add to 
them (:comment __no_list__:).

Once again, link=Cat1,-Cat2 will work eventually, so all this will be easier.


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