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Sameer Kumar sameerkumar at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 09:41:39 CDT 2009

> I placed  in the pages keywords instead of categories, like
>  Categories: _contacts _france _family
> and in the pagelist I did fulltext search for these keywords :
>  (:pagelist _contacts _france _family:)  only family in France
>  (:pagelist _contacts -_france _family:) only family NOT in France
> Note that I can even have category links like :
>  Categories: [[!_Contacts]] [[!_Family]] [[!_France]]
> which link to Category/Contacts, Category/Family and Category/France, but
> the
> fulltext search will find the _keywords.

Except that full text search may find other pages that have the words in
them but should not be included in the pagelist.

I will try to demonstrate my specific need by this example:
I have many pages under the Contacts group, each assigned to a single
company or person.  These companies all belong to different fields, say
Roofing, Flooring, Windows, etc. Some companies are consultants, some are
contractors while others are distributors. Some in fact play multiple roles
simultaneously. I want to be able to add categories like [[!Roofing]]
[[!Consultants]] [[!Contractors]] [[!Country]] on a certain page so that I
can then list them as follows:

   1. Companies in the Roofing Industry (link=Category.Roofing)
   2. All contractors in China (link=Category.Contractors, Category.China)
   3. All Roofing consultants in China (link=Category.Roofing,
   Category.Consultants, Category.China)

As you can see, for item 3 above, if I did a fulltext search for "roofing"
and "consultant" and "China", I would end up with all the consultants as
well as all the companies from China, whether roofing or flooring. Moreover,
I would also end up including pages where these words occur but not as

The PmWiki Cookbook listings contain this :
>  (:pagelist [other parameters] -__no_list__:)
> This way we can exclude some pages from the cookbook listings if we add to
> them (:comment __no_list__:).
> Once again, link=Cat1,-Cat2 will work eventually, so all this will be
> easier.

Would the planned feature of allowing link=cat1,cat2, cat3 allow me to
accomplish what I am looking for? As shown above I want to be able to find
pages that have all cat1 AND cat2 AND cat3 simultaneously, not either one of
them. If this is currently possible through some other means, I am eager to
Thanks for all of your time!
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