[pmwiki-users] pagelist extension - experimental

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Mar 17 13:12:13 CDT 2009

On Tuesday 17 March 2009 18:05:16 Peter Bowers wrote:
> hopefully this shows an example where it
> would be nice to have or/union capability.

The expression "Would be nice" is exactly what I meant by refering to PmWiki 
Philosophy #3. "Would be nice" is not enough, a "specific, demonstrated need" 
by a certain PmWiki audience might be.

Off-topic: Personnally, I think that performing such arbitrary searches that 
require opening and parsing all pages of the website, in order to find 
PageTextVariables, will be unusable except on the smallest sites (which don't 
even need pagelists). But dedicated servers with multicore CPUs, huge RAM and 
SSD disks might manage to use this.

> It would not be a bad idea to have this as a recipe rather than core, but
> in order for that to be accomplished the ParseArgs() function name has to
> be placed in a configurable variable (like $DiffFunction, etc.), at least
> in pagelist.php.  Might that be a possibility in an upcoming release?  (It
> would be nice in scripts/markupexpr.php as well where some enhanced

"Would be nice" again. :-) But read on.

> functionality could be obtained.)  It might be a good idea to have separate
> variables used in separate scripts to facilitate different types of
> functionality...

I have no objection about this, it can be done as it was done with the 
variable $FPLTemplateMarkupFunction. We'll talk about it again and we'll do 

FWIW, if it is *that* important for someone, and the community 
doesn't "specifically need" those extra features, PmWiki currently can use 
your own (modified) cookbook/pagelist.php script.

  $EnablePageList = 0;

I use my own patched notify.php script this same way. The LimitDiffsPerPage 
recipe overrides the same way another core script.

Hope that helps. As I said, the current version allows many things and 
workarounds, unsuspected by some of the users (and by me: I keep learning).

I am playing the role that I took in January - be conservative on changes and 
features that aren't yet clearly required for the core. And ultimately, 
Patrick and the community will decide. :-)


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