[pmwiki-users] Editing Pmwiki *Locally* in a *Text Editor*

Sandy sandy at onebit.ca
Mon Mar 30 10:40:20 CDT 2009

Yogi wrote:
> Hi there,
> Summary question: Is there a way to keep a local copy of your wiki on
> your machine and change it locally (via a text editor preferably) and
> then upload a batch of changes at once?
> Going into detail: I edit my (Pm)wiki often over a slow network. I
> would like to be able to
> * keep a local copy of the wiki and
> * edit the pages locally using Vim, and seeing the change locally
> before I upload the changes on the website. Of course, I would like
> the two copies (server copy and local copy) of pmwiki in sync somehow
> (svn, csv?). Is there a way to do it?
> Thanks,
> Yogi

Yes, you can edit pmwiki files with your favourite text editor, and copy 
them over to wiki.d .



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