[pmwiki-users] Security and Home Page URL

Lane Lester llester at info-fast.com
Tue Mar 31 19:24:53 CDT 2009

Here's my first post as a PmWiki user. I'm the sole science teacher at a
tiny private school, teaching 5th through 12th graders. I recently
iinstalled an 8-client plus server network in my classroom, using Ubuntu
Linux as the sole OS. I see a lot of promotion on the Web about using wikis
in education, but I'm still skeptical. I'm also willing to learn, so here I

My first wiki installation was LionWiki. It appealed to me because of its
simplicity and the fact that it's written in PHP, which I can read, although
not program. What sent me to PmWiki was my perceived need to be able to
identify who makes what changes, because not all of my students are angels.
I think I understand that it's possible to make contributors log in, but I
still need to find the howto in the docs.

I also think I saw something that said that the file pmwiki.php should not
be renamed. Is that right? If so, it makes for a very cumbersome URL, and I
guess I need to fix a redirect index.html or something. How do you deal with

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