[pmwiki-users] Security and Home Page URL

DaveG pmwiki at solidgone.com
Tue Mar 31 22:27:05 CDT 2009

Lane Lester wrote:
> What sent me to PmWiki was my perceived need to be 
> able to identify who makes what changes, because not all of my students 
> are angels. I think I understand that it's possible to make contributors 
> log in, but I still need to find the howto in the docs.
There are a number of authentication mechanisms. You can find the 
built-in one at PmWiki/AuthUser.

> I also think I saw something that said that the file pmwiki.php should 
> not be renamed. Is that right? If so, it makes for a very cumbersome 
> URL, and I guess I need to fix a redirect index.html or something. How 
> do you deal with this?
Again, various ways, but what your describing is called a Clean URL, and 
that often gets a little complex due to the variations, but it's 
documented here: Cookbook/CleanUrls

Good luck,

  ~ ~ Dave

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