[pmwiki-users] Problem with pagelist and relocated wikilib directory

Feig, Christian christian.feig at salt-solutions.de
Thu Jun 24 03:12:50 CDT 2010


I configured the repository wiki data for our pmwiki installation to a new path but the default (see following configuration snippet).

---- Configuration snippet local/config.php  start -----
$wikidata = 'NEWPATH';
$WorkDir = $wikidata.'\\workdir';
$WikiDir = new PageStore($wikidata.'\\wiki.d\\{$FullName}');
$WikilibDir = new PageStore($wikidata.'\\wikilib.d\\{$FullName}');
$WikiLibDirs = array(&$WikiDir,&$WikilibDir);
---- Configuration snippet local/config.php  end -----

The problem is now, that a simple (:pagelist:) does not list any wiki data from the configured repositories.
Pagelist works fine for the default location (below root) but not for relocated repository.

I tried with both existing pmwiki installations (Version 2.1.27 and 2.2.17).

Does anyone has an idea what the reason/solution will be?

Kind regards,
Christian Feig

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