[pmwiki-users] managing images

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Mar 15 05:58:48 CDT 2013

Le 15/03/2013 11:30, tamouse mailing lists a écrit :

> What I would suggest, as an alternative to moving big chunks of image
> data around, that as long as you have them in a gallery/repository of
> some kind, is createa custom Page Variable [1] that encapsulates the
> location. Then, if at some point in the future you decide to move
> things from piwigo, you can just change the page variable and have it
> point at the new location.

pretty nice, thanks, I will save this for future use.

Notice I have no room problem for photos, I got 700Gb+ disk space and 
use less than 30% (and I wont link so many photos, hopefully :-)


I was just thinking than there may be an .htaccess rewrite rule 
possible if ever I change photo location

thanks again


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