[pmwiki-users] quoted text markup

Hans design1 at softflow.uk
Thu Sep 22 05:32:12 CDT 2016

Thursday, September 22, 2016, 5:15:19 AM, H. Fox wrote:
> <cite> belongs with <q> and <blockquote>. The way I understand it, the
> semantics are:

> <cite> => who is being quoted
> <q>/<blockquote> => the quoted text
cite attribute =>> where the text came from

I am glad you widen the discussion to include the <blockquote>
and <cite> tags.

<cite> => title, name, author, URL source are all acceptable I think.

The 'cite' attribute for <blockquote> and <q> could potentially be
used, but it may be less useful than having a <cite> tag added by the
authour within the <blockquote>, to provide a visual source (URL)
for the block quote. So I think a wiki author may be using cite markup
within blockquote markup, and have more flexibility that way.

For <blockquote> I like to second the creation of a ["quoted text"] markup.
It should be able to encompass not just a single text line, but
multiple lines including empty lines, similar to the [@escaped code@]

For <cite> I would second the creation of a {"quote source"} markup.

In use something like this would create a blockquote with cite tag
and source link:
["some quoted text here... {"from source at [[sourceURL]]"}"]

which could be written over several lines:
some quoted text here...
with several lines,
including code or markup.
{"from source at [[sourceURL]]"}

Here is a possible blockquote markup (without inserting any cite
 ## ["blockquote"]

I based this on PmWiki's [= (Preserve Text) markup, and I guess it
could be integrated into the function.

And here is a simple cite markup
## cite

For a <q>  I am not so keen on a '"inline quote"' markup, as such
combination of quote marks may well be used in text, quoting speech.
My proposed double ""inline quote"" is likely less prone to be
rendered unintentionally (outside of code blocks at least),
and it would provide a quick way to produce smart inline quotes
within <q> tags.

- Hans

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