[pmwiki-users] Users not logged in get a blank page

Peter van Es vanes.peter at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 09:48:33 PDT 2020

I have a weird problem on my PmWiki, and it’s behaviour has recently started changing.

I have a recent PMWiki installation (version 2.2.127) running on a Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS version, with a recent plesk update and php7.3
It coexists with a SimpleMachinesForum (SMF) installation which is used for user authentication. That install was recently upgraded to version 2.0.17

Users logged into the forum have no problem seeing all the content of my Wiki (except for restricted pages) — even if they do not have edit rights.
However users not logged into the forum, who used to be able to see all non-restricted content, now get served a completely blank page. 
I do not have a log in box, because most people log in via the forums.

Then their
are both blank (empty).

I have no php errors in my log. 

The other weird thing: pages which show up blank have images (i.e. uploads) on them. The file and directory access rights have all been set correctly.

A page which shows up blank is: https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Engine/Start <https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Engine/Start> but it should not
Whereas this page just shows: https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Brake/Start <https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Brake/Start> 
Restricted pages show a login box: https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Restricted/Start <https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Restricted/Start> and start with Group Restricted
The startpage of my wiki is: https://www.sl113.org/wiki/ <https://www.sl113.org/wiki/> which has a picture and shows just fine… 

What I would like to achieve is that anonymous browsers can see all of my non-restricted content on the Wiki again…



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