[pmwiki-users] Users not logged in get a blank page

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Tue Mar 31 10:28:38 PDT 2020

Completely blank pages without any message often are caused by a call to 
a function that is not defined - either mis-typed or deprecated/removed.

I'd review all files in the "local" directory if some of them, notably 
those starting with "Engine" and "Main", make some suspicions calls.

Otherwise, see the page Troubleshooting in the documentation -- it can 
be an older addon that calls an undefined function, or that calls 
htmlspecialchars(). Troubleshooting contains instructions on how to 
track the cause:


First section for tracking, see also the section on blank pages near the 
middle of that page.


If you upgrade :  http://www.pmwiki.org/Upgrades

On 31/03/2020 18:48, Peter van Es wrote:
> I have a weird problem on my PmWiki, and it’s behaviour has recently
> started changing.
> I have a recent PMWiki installation (version 2.2.127) running on a
> Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS version, with a recent plesk update and php7.3
> It coexists with a SimpleMachinesForum (SMF) installation which is
> used for user authentication. That install was recently upgraded to
> version 2.0.17
> Users logged into the forum have no problem seeing all the content of
> my Wiki (except for restricted pages) — even if they do not have
> edit rights.
> However users not logged into the forum, who used to be able to see
> all non-restricted content, now get served a completely blank page.
> I do not have a log in box, because most people log in via the forums.
> Then their
> 	* AuthId:
> 	* Author:
> are both blank (empty).
> I have no php errors in my log.
> The other weird thing: pages which show up blank have images (i.e.
> uploads) on them. The file and directory access rights have all been
> set correctly.
> A page which shows up blank is:
> https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Engine/Start but it should not
> Whereas this page just shows: https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Brake/Start
> Restricted pages show a login box:
> https://www.sl113.org/wiki/Restricted/Start and start with Group
> Restricted
> The startpage of my wiki is: https://www.sl113.org/wiki/ which has a
> picture and shows just fine…
> What I would like to achieve is that anonymous browsers can see all of
> my non-restricted content on the Wiki again…

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