[pmwiki-users] gallereia (strange) problem, and a Kalender -script

p.gragert at kpnmail.nl p.gragert at kpnmail.nl
Mon Oct 19 08:14:25 PDT 2020

Hello all, maybe Petko knows..


I have a website where two gallerias , by  (:div id=”name” :  )   if I write it together I get 😊 so read this as :   )  without space please .


And {:galleria list=”#name”😊 works very well, showing TWO dia-shows.


On a second different page ie does show only the first (as dia-sho) and the second show the images not in a diashow.


What may bet the reason? Of this behavior.



And something different, I uploaded,  I think long ago,  PKHGsDebug and a Kalendar (changed for pmwiki from dokuwiki) with a link to an website

Where  I was the boss 😉 . It bekame a wordpress site (under new administrators) ….


I am trying to adjust all for the latest pmwiki and PHP , because … (doen’t matter)


So the old stuff could be deleted from pmwiki.org , or have I myself to do it? or Petko?


Greets and still friend of PmWiki  and have a nice Monday and week


Peter (PKHG very often)


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