[pmwiki-users] Session (or authid?) and fastcache recipe issue

Petko Yotov 5ko at 5ko.fr
Sun Oct 18 14:43:40 PDT 2020

On 18/10/2020 00:49, ABClf wrote:
> I still have a question Petko :
> what is the session line – session_name('XXXSESSID'); – in config ? 
> This

This is the name of the session cookie, by default PHPSESSID.

You can read about PHP functions like session_name() in the PHP 


or in French:


> line is not in sample-config and I don't know what is the benefit of 
> it.
> According to PmWiki/AuthUser#sessions it's mainly dedicated for users
> running a PmWiki Farm. Does that mean it is useless for single (or
> distinct) site installation ?

If you have other PmWiki installations with different sets of users and 
passwords, you should use a distinct session name for each one.

If you have other PHP software on the same website storing session data 
with the keys 'authid' and 'authpw': using the same session name may 
cause these keys to be overwritten by it or by PmWiki and the user's 
permissions may be discarded (so she will have to log in again). In that 
case it would be sensible to use distinct session names.


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